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Beasts take Toronto

In New Zealand we love Canada. Similar landscape, awesome people and they are to the states what we are to Australia – the country next door that’s just a bit cooler. Except we don’t have any bears in NZ. Gah I’m so scared of bears.

So I’m sending 3 works over to Toronto for my first showing over there. The fabulous iseamonster is holding a group show:

It’s also the launch of a limited edition book, and in the months leading up to the show a sketchbook was doing the rounds. Here are my pages:

A couple of dogfighting lizards, and:

One of my origami-paper-guts fishes and a tentacled beast. I don’t tend to do sketchbooks as I usually draw on random bits of scrap paper but this was really fun and different, it was a much quicker process than the usual faffing around I do on canvas works. And I got to play with one of my stamp sets.

So if you’re in Toronto on the 2nd of August do visit Gladstone Gallery. There’s a bit more info about the project here.


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