Occasional Blog Posts

I mostly update on Instagram but I put up blog posts here for bigger things.

Art + Mel

Red Bubble held an amazing 2-day public art event on November 29-30th in the Melbourne CBD.

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A show in Ohio

So, tomorrow night is the opening of a 2-person show at Rivet Gallery in Columbus Ohio!

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Hand painted rings – Architact Collective

Very excited to show you something I’ve been working on for a few months now – a series of 6 limited edition hand-painted laser-cut wooden rings, a collaboration with Linda Bennett …

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Miroist ‘Curve’ Album Artwork

A while back I was sifting through Bandcamp looking for some new painting music, and I came across the wonderful EP ‘The Pledge’, by progressive metal project Miroist. I bought the …

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Clockwork Fish and Electric Eels

I forgot I had a blog for a while, here are some new pieces I’ve been working on since my solo last year. Clockwork Angler: This one was a commission on …

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For 3 of the 4 last years I’ve spent my end of year break gluing things to a vinyl bear. Toy to the World is a fundraiser auction featuring over …

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