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Board at NGV Studio

One corner of the crazy building at Fed Square is NGV Studio, and from November the 12th 2011 until the 5th of Feb 2012 it will be taken over by a huge exhibition of art on skate decks!

Curated by Just Another Agency and in conjunction with Three Sixty Project, ‘Board’ is showcasing art by a diverse group of artists. From the facebook page:

Allowing an insight into the creativity behind skate culture, ‘Board’ explores the evolution of deck graphics and design.

With curatorial contribution from NGV Senior Curator of Contemporary Art Alex Baker, Board features historically significant skateboard decks drawn from the collection of Tony Hallam – one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the world, alongside a selection of decks by contemporary artists.

In conjunction with NGV Studio, Just Another Agency has selected over 50 of Australia’s best established and emerging artists to take part in the group show ‘Board’.

Juxtaposing the old with the new, each artist has donated their time to produce an original work of art using a skate deck as their canvas. These decks will then be sold to help raise much needed funds for the innovative ThreeSixtyProject.

Artists include… 23rd Key – Aida Sabic – Alex Lehours – Alex Lousia – Apeseven – Aramas – Bec Hulme – Bec Winnel – Ben Ashton Bell – Ben Brown – Bennett – Caitlin Rigby – Cam Scale – Cat Rabbit – Cinzah Seekayem – Deb – Dilly – Drypnz – Dvate – Ears – Fat Ankle – Flake – Gary Seaman – Gemma Jones – Gore – Heesco – Itch – Jack Douglas – Joshua Smith – Kaitlin Beckett – Karlosh – Ken Taylor – Kirpy – KID9 – Luke Ryan – Leisha Muraki – Makatron – Michael Steele – Phibs – Pierre Lloga – Poise – Qwux – Rebecca Murphy – Rena Littleson – Sam Octigan – Sear – Shannon Crees – Shaun Campbell (SQUIDTANK) – Steve Cross – Taylor White – Tom Ferson – The Hungry Work Shop – Vato… and More!

Just Another Agency will also be showcasing a number of live painting demonstrations over the 3 month period, giving the public the opportunity to stop by the studio space to see artists at work. Each workshop will feature 2 artists of similar subject matters and medium, while each diverse in their own right.

I was so frantic to try and finish mine in time that I was still varnishing the morning before I took it down to be hung. And it was a grey old day in Melbourne so I couldn’t get decent shots in good light of my deck. I’ll go down once it’s hung and get proper ones, but for now here are a few images I took in my studio, please excuse the shine from the flash!

SAMURAI OCTOPUS! A close up of the octo’s head:

My deck had a gorgeous deep brown stain over the the woodgrain, so I let this show through on the samurai helmet. I used shiny variegated metal leaf on the eye, horns and parts of the helmet too, you can just see the sheen in this pic. I also used little images of an oni (Japanese demon) as a transfer, which you can see on the armour bottom left.

Here are a few more close ups and a full length shot:

I used the oni transfer on the helmet and again in the flag (which is the metal leaf).

I love the look of artwork on decks but they are damned annoying to paint on! They don’t sit up properly on my easel, and roll around when I put them flat on my desk. But I got there in the end.

If you’re in Melbourne, come along to the NGV studio and have a look at them all!


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