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Books and heliparrots

Here are some shots of a few books I was in at the end of last year. I would have taken better photos of them but there were ants everywhere. Too many ants.

My agency released their second book:



Bandoliers and Ram Tank made it into this one. You can just see the interview questions:


These books are full of awesomeness and you can get them here.

Stoked to get a physical copy of Debate magazine that I was on the cover of last year:

debate1 debate2 debate3

You can read my interview here.

And I had a few pages in the iseamonster collective’s book from the group show last year:

ismbook ismbook2 ismbook3 ismbook4

iseamonster is raising money for this year’s group show project here! I’ve donated a couple of prints, do visit the campaign site and help us:


Here’s the last wee beast I did in 2012. Just a little 13cmx13cm sketch on paper:


A few people pointed out that it was the first tongue I’d painted. How about that.

Thanks mum and dad for the awesome xmas gift:


I’ll put him next to the shark I got a few years ago 😀



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