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Bricks, Beats and Pockets

Tomorrow night at Donkey Wheel House Basement (673 Bourke Street near Spencer Street in the Melbourne CBD) is Bricks, Beats and Pockets!

From their facebook event page:

In the perfect space for showcasing Melbourne’s urban culture Traditional Healthcare and supporters are bringing together some of the maddest local street artists, DJ’s and MC’s to serve up a night of:
Grooves, Glitch, Dubstep, Electro, Bass, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Mind-blowing creative talent for a visual and auditory sensory overload of awesomeness!!

Headliners for the night include Melbourne’s DJ KUYA who has proven to be one of Australiaʼs most innovative and original DJs, supporting some of the music industries biggest names like Public Enemy and DJ Krush. To date Kuya has won 3 State DMC Titles (1998-2000) along with the Australian ITF DJ Title in 1999.

The night will include some of our street artists going head to head to create amazing one off pieces inspired by the music. Paper and markers will also be available for a huge public collaboration!
This event is about getting all our hands dirty with paint and fun to mash together music and art in a way that’s never been done before in our fine city…

All proceeds go toward the completion of our sustainable healthcare centre in Datam, India (or providing the local village with wells to save lives if the current drought situation gets any more dire!) www.th.org.au

There’s an art auction and I’ve donated a piece.


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