New Paintings

Feathered Dinos

There has been noise in the media these days about feathers on dinosaurs, which ones had them, where they were on their bodies, what they looked like and some fascinating artist impressions …

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Hand painted rings – Architact Collective

Very excited to show you something I’ve been working on for a few months now – a series of 6 limited edition hand-painted laser-cut wooden rings, a collaboration with Linda Bennett …

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Miroist ‘Curve’ Album Artwork

A while back I was sifting through Bandcamp looking for some new painting music, and I came across the wonderful EP ‘The Pledge’, by progressive metal project Miroist. I bought the …

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Clockwork Fish and Electric Eels

I forgot I had a blog for a while, here are some new pieces I’ve been working on since my solo last year. Clockwork Angler: This one was a commission on …

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Here be monsters

A while back I got a wonderful book: Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps by Chet Van Duzer. Old maps are fascinating to anyone interested in geography, but when …

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Reanimation Wrap Up

My solo show at Just Another Project Space was due to finish up today but it has been extended until the 5th! So here’s the blog I have been meaning …

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