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Creature Feature!

With a name like that I just had to be part of this show.

Monstrosity Gallery in Sydney is hosting this one, and it’s their last show of the year so it should be a doozy. Check out the flyer:


When they say edible insects, I’m not sure if they mean marzipan or deep fried Cambodian style. I do hope there will be photos.

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Kaitlin is originally from New Zealand, currently living and working as an artist in Melbourne, Australia. Visit her full site here: www.a-curious-bestiary.com

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    by edible insects, we mean real edible insects! bamboo worms, silk worms, crickets, and dung bettles 🙂

    • I’m intrigued – do the bamboo worms taste like bamboo, the silk worms like silk, and the dung beetles like dung? I’ll have to take your word for it as I’m a vego 🙂

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Next post: Feminality in Miami