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Feathered Dinos

There has been noise in the media these days about feathers on dinosaurs, which ones had them, where they were on their bodies, what they looked like and some fascinating artist impressions of our most familiar paleo-friends adorned with feathery crowns. I like feathers and I like dinosaurs, so I decided to attach feathers to some of my own dino beasts and see what happened…here’s a little series of 4 feathered dinosaurs.


Feathered Triceratops. He has pushed feathers he found into the convenient slots in the bony skull plate.



A Feathered Hadrosaur. He had to have duck feathers, of course.


He looks guilty.


One of them had to be a flying dinobeast, I know pterosaurs are not technically dinosaurs but they seem most in need of feathers.



There just had to be a raptor. He became a philosoraptor.


As you can see, much liberty was taken while drawing the skeletons and general anatomy. They’re my beasts after all, and I’m not a realist painter 🙂

You can get cards of these works and others on my Red Bubble store, and if you’re interested in purchasing the originals, send me an email and I can let you know where they will be available to buy from.


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