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New beasts & a birthday show

I finished 3 more skeletal beasts recently.

Lungbird, 30x30cms on canvas:


Not sure where this one came from but I’d been painting lungs and things, felt like painting a mask and wanted to work with greens again. I thought I’d made the side too dark but I’m happy with it now.

lungbird2 lungbird3

Some wips from instagram….masking off the green part:


Pre ink detail, midway through shading the skull with the airbrush:


Face closeup:


And then I did this one…Flag Eater, 25x25cms on paper:


He’s fitting in with my reanimation theme, and I really wanted to work with red and blue together. I don’t think the photo does it justice, it’s the Golden Ultramarine Blue Hue straight out of the bottle, no mixing. So intense.


I suppose it’s a lizard skeleton, not anatomically correct though.


Just felt like painting a split flag. Probably cause I was watching game of thrones. Instagram wips:

flageaterwip flageaterwip2

I take a lot of ‘hand selfies’.

My agency’s project space is turning 1! So a bunch of us are painting works with the theme ‘One’…took me a while to figure out what I could do for this, but I had been watching a documentary about evolution and how bilateral symmetry was a leap forward in the way organisms structured their bodies. So I was thinking about all body parts we have two of, and what would happen if we only had one….here’s the finished work, Only One, 23x15cm on paper:


I don’t think I do many works with front-on faces, also not a fan of painting things that have to be symmetrical, so with this one I could get away with asymmetry on purpose.


I also don’t usually do lots of complicated masks on smaller works but when I can be bothered, I’m happy with the results.


I roughed the edges and float mounted it in a black frame with a black backing. Instagram wips:

onlyonewip onlyonewip2

To get the edges like that I cut them with some deckling scissors, shade them with the airbrush, roughen them with a razorblade and sand with a couple of different grades of sandpaper:


So if you’re in Melbourne on the 4th of July come along to the show:



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