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Post Apocalypse

Very excited to start spreading the word about an upcoming show I’m doing with Aramas…Post Apocalypse!

The dark, crumbling and industrial walls of Rancho Notorious combine with a shared love of post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction and popular culture, so we’re getting together to indulge our fondness for ruins, shadows, gas masks and non-human narratives.

A journey into the post apocalypse of an alternate area…an anachronistic projection to a post human destruction. What would happen if the human world suddenly ended in the 30’s? How would the world look now, would anything survive? Post Apocalypse is an exploration of that question. Humans are gone, destroyed by nuclear or biological hubris. The world that’s left is smoky and ruinous. This is an alternate future containing creatures evolving into a stylised world suddenly found empty. A story of survival, hyper evolution, mutation, glorious gas masks and deco punk themes.

KAITLIN BECKETT…Mechanical walkers driven by masked creatures walk under a glowing sky, jars are lined up to collect precious liquids and overlapping armour plates wrap around smoking viscera. The poisonous air has necessitated quick adaptations.

ARAMAS…In a world suddenly devoid of human, animals have undergone a hyper evolution. Forced to adapt to a ruined world. The results are animals new to consciousness, struggling to make sense of this strange world, the history that created it, and the future they now have to deal with. There’s new religion, old animosities, and a very human sense of curiosity and confusion. I see the bears of this world as the alternative to humans. Inheriting a past that they’re trying to understand, with some very strange results.

We are painting on canvas, wood and paper and expect a sculpture or two.

If you’re in Melbourne, come along to Rancho Notorious on Thursday the 27th of October!


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