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Wheeled things and harnesses

Some new ones. I’m getting better at this stretching paper thing and also having a play with these new pan pastels:


I use chalk pastels on all my works but they can be so dusty and smudge everywhere, plus it’s hard to get fine detail with them because they’re so crumbly. These pans are completely different and come with fancy tools to help you get fine points. Not as easy as my airbrush but still heaps of fun. I still look like a juggalo when I’m finished but at least I’m not transferring chalky dust to every surface in my studio.

This one was just a silly sketch that turned into a pan pastel experiment that turned into a finished piece:


Penny Farthing, 21x33cms. It’s not particularly related to the rest of the work I’m doing for my show later in the year so I’ve put it up in my shop.

pennyfarthing2 pennywip1

Here was my pan pastel shading attempt:


Worked OK but I got annoyed and switched to the airbrush, and used the pans to rub blues and browns into the background.


Another square canvas work just finished:


Rooster Trap, 30x30cms. More colour than usual in this one. He’s holding the trap open with the string.


Pan pastels: I know the little applicator looks like an eyeshadow thing but apparently it’s not the same tip. I have some spare eyeshadow things so I’m going to try them.


I like saddles and bridles and all the complicated straps and buckles and harnesses.


So tomorrow night, One is happening!


I’ve got this little piece in it:


See you down there.


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