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Wizard of Oz & Another Helibird

Coming up at Artboy Gallery is another of their Artboy Vs Fanboy group shows – this theme is the Wizard of Oz!

I was tempted to do the flying monkeys because they were horrible but with my recent robots and exposed organs I pretty much had to do the tin man. Here he is, 25x25cm:


It was fun painting his humanoid hands. And I streaked some orange rust on him, kind of like he first appears in the film (not after he gets buffed!).


I do like painting coloured backgrounds. Should do it more often. Larger than life size:


I watched the film for reference, probably for the first time in about 20 years. When I was a kid I loved the black and white start with the scary tornado but could take or leave the munchkins…they were just annoying. That whole scene went on forever. I forgot how twee the film was. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

This one opens on the 22nd of Feb.

Artboy Gallery
99 Greville St Prahran
3181 Victoria

Another new beast I finished recently:


Another Heliparrot…40x30cms. Working on some new themes for a solo show later on in 2013.


Loving oranges and yellows at the moment. This is bigger than life size:


Human arms!


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