Red Bubble held an amazing 2-day public art event on November 29-30th in the Melbourne CBD.

Matthew Dunn and I were asked to live paint in Rutledge Lane (just off the famous Hosier Lane) during those days, it was very odd to be painting in front of people and with different media to usual, but the event went really well with so many people coming through and even getting involved putting up stencils of their own.


Here’s my finished piece:


Kind of a feathered skeleton spider robot walker. I added bone pasteups for him to walk through. A work in progress shot:


On the other side of the alley we put out cans and stencils for people to have a go, spiders and man shapes. Everyone got so excited to try it and for many people it was their first ever go with stencils.


Matt’s amazing bomb-carrying skullballoons:


Here’s an image I saw on instagram by @nazzarellasworld, this is the piece a few hours after the event with some tagging in complimentary colours, gives the piece some context!


So pleased to have taken part! There’s more info on Red Bubble’s blog post here about the event, with photos of the other art installations happening in different CBD locations on the day.

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