Very excited and honoured to be included in this year’s Notfair art event.

NotFair 2012: Primal Mutation opens on the 1st of August at Melbourne’s Thousand Pound Bend. A bit of information about the show, nicked from their website:

Notfair began in 2010 as a satellite artfair to the Melbourne art fair.

The focus pioneered by Archibald winner Sam Leach, acclaimed artist Tony Lloyd, and art critic Ashley Crawford to launch undervalued, undiscovered and emerging artists. The implementation and cultivation was directed by arts writer and curator Melissa Amore. Modelled on the success of satellite art fairs around the world, this alternative approach to an art fair offers a new perspective on contemporary art in Melbourne. In 2010, the event garnered national and international press coverage in print, radio and television.

“Searing line work, distended bodies, apocalyptic visions and lyrical poetics combine in a combustible confluence in the second instalment of the rigorously independent art event NotFair. It is a return to the hand, and somewhat anti-digital, creating a mutated discourse across painting, drawing, installation and photography.

The NotFair curators – Melissa Amore, Sam Leach and Ashley Crawford – have prowled studios, grad exhibitions, artists’ run spaces, innumerable websites and the back lanes of Australia’s inner-cities seeking out the most powerful and potent of both a younger generation and un-discovered mid-generation artists to create a visual of the skilled and the visionary. At times bizarre and invariably original and gripping, the final line up will re-evaluate the intrusion of digital and the fleshy tactility of the organic.

With a confirmed space at the independent gallery at Thousand Pound Bend in Melbourne’s CBD, the second NotFair will be twice the scale of the first. With an emphasis on technical skill combined with unbridled imagination, NotFair 2012 will propel viewers into new realms and new ideas.”

See you there!


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