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A painted window in Degraves St

I was so pleased to have been asked to paint the window at Signed & Numbered‘s Degraves St store.

I’ve just released some new prints through this store so I tied the painting concept in with the prints. It ended up being a bone-stilt octopus.


I painted the main outlines with some matte black acrylic, and then dabbed some white into the bone areas, suckers and around the edges.


I don’t think I’ve painted on glass before, it was bizarre…such a slidy surface, and it was a whole new thing to be working on a transparent surface while people walked past and queued for donuts in front of me. Those donuts though….they did look spectacular.



The piece will be up there until the end of April, so pop in and have a look….my new prints are available there, and also at the Greville street shop or online.

Here they are, signed gicleé A4 prints in a run of 30:

Calaca  Octoboat



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