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Reanimation Wrap Up

My solo show at Just Another Project Space was due to finish up today but it has been extended until the 5th! So here’s the blog I have been meaning to put up….all the stuff I’ve been working on and a video of the opening night.

This one was shot by Carl Ellison:

Reanimation by Kaitlin Beckett from Just Another Agency on Vimeo.

You can see the 2 automata I had as part of the install – a hand cranked wing flapping fish and an air powered heart pumper. You can see it here too:



Opening night kids:



A couple of other beasts – this one I painted for iseamonster’s yearly group show, this one was based on Frida Kahlo’s ‘The Wounded Deer’ and was held in September at Hashtag Gallery.



Now that the show’s all up I’m looking forward to new projects…including a whole new metal-working project I’ll be revealing very soon.


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