Tomorrow night my first batch of screen printed shirts go on sale. Super excited to be part of this show at Espionage Gallery with a bunch of talented people.

The shirts are being screen printed by Subterraneous, they’re also printing the designs on to recycled card for prints and record sleeves.

Using my new wacom I created this digital 2-colour beast, designed to go on a red shirt with halftones in the white background texture, and the gaps in the white revealing the red blood and organs:


Another anatomical bloodbeast, which I thought worked with the theme ‘Organic’ hahaha. Organs are organic right?

A sneak peek and finished shirt image nabbed from the Subterraneous instagram/blog:


They will be printing 10 shirts in various men’s sizes and 10 in women’s sizes at $40AU each, plus prints on recycled card stock and record sleeves. If you’re interested, the gallery is taking pre-orders so you can reserve one by contacting Espionage Gallery.

Here’s the flyer for the show, if you’re based in Adelaide do go along.



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