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Can’t Do Tomorrow Festival

Kensington’s The Facility was recently host to Melbourne’s newest urban art festival, Can’t Do Tomorrow.

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Here be monsters

A while back I got a wonderful book: Sea Monsters on Medieval and Renaissance Maps by Chet Van Duzer. Old maps are fascinating to anyone interested in geography, but when …

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Reanimation Wrap Up

My solo show at Just Another Project Space was due to finish up today but it has been extended until the 5th! So here’s the blog I have been meaning …

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Reanimation, tomorrow night!

20+ hours of installation later, the originals are hung, the giganto-mural is painted, the badges & prints are up and the automata are in place. 

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Oh hai blog. I forgot about you. So – I’ve been painting all year for my solo show which will be opening on the 7th of November, about 3 weeks …

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Freshly Baked Gallery & Just Another Book

This is a post with extra awesome.

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