Toy to the World is happening again! I got a second go at maiming a 5 inch vinyl bear.

This year I didn’t cut his ears off. I tied my concept into various anatomical/machiney things I’d been painting in 2d:


I gave him some roboclaws, & a gas mask, and he’s holding a heart with tubes, metal plates and chains. I’ve strapped on the gas mask and the heart with some little buckles.


It’s the first 3d piece I’ve used my favourite rusting medium on. I covered the gas mask, claws and parts of the heart/tubes with it and let it develop. Love those yellows and oranges and rough grainy texture. You never quite know what will happen with the rusting medium…

heartmachine3 heartmachine4

I made some little meters with shrink-plastic and embedded them in the armour.


Happy with this little dude. They are so tiny and fiddly to work with though, I nearly threw him across the room a few times.

The exhibition & silent auction opens tomorrow night (Jan 15th 2013) at the Spring Street Convention Centre (1 Spring St in the CBD) and runs until the 4th of Feb. Squee!


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