For 3 of the 4 last years I’ve spent my end of year break gluing things to a vinyl bear. Toy to the World is a fundraiser auction featuring over 100 customised vinyl toys.


First I did the exoskeleton bear in 2011, then at the start of last year I went anatomical, this year I decided he needed some kind of vehicle. Not sure why it ended up being a rolling jousting horse costume but there it is.


“The Jouster”….he’s about 16cms tall and maybe 18cms long (I forgot to measure him before I sent him off). The bear by itself is a 5” Popobe.


The horse is a soldered wire frame with a polymer clay skull. Wooden wheels which do actually roll. The coat is painted fabric with hand stitched black edging, which my mum told me is called ‘rick rack’, haha, silly.


The armour and shield front I made of hand embossed patinated pewter, there are metal tubes with fake hair (decided not to use my own!), bits of leather and metal findings for the bridle, and yep, that’s a painted golf tee for the jousting lance.


He’s going to roll towards you at walking pace and fuck you up.

As usual I had heaps of fun with this sculpt. The facebook event is here, there’s an opening night at Artboy Gallery on Jan the 21st and then for the next 2 weeks they’ll be taking bids on each bear via facebook.



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