“Since childhood I have had a love for the fantastic and the imaginary – I enjoy depicting the real and unreal together, harmony and conundrum, a juxtaposition of the unusual with the everyday. My characters invoke a sense of pathos or disquieting whimsy, and I like to encourage viewers to invent their own narratives.”

Kaitlin Beckett is a painter, illustrator and sculptor working in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. Her mixed media paintings and assemblage sculptures form a curious bestiary of creatures from the sea, air, land and subconscious; expressing a surreal narrative rich in symbolism, humour and biological paradox.

Influenced by quirks of the natural world, mythology and dreams, her art illustrates dystopian post-apocalyptic scenes in which slightly humanoid characters adapt, hybridise and evolve in awkward and impractical ways. Emphasis is placed on texture, line and detail by layering acrylics, gouache, pencils and pastel. Kaitlin also incorporates random splatters, stencils and airbrushing, alongside traditional painting and drawing techniques. She has held several solo exhibitions in Melbourne; exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, America, England, Japan, and Canada; and her works have been collected throughout the world.

Kaitlin works full time from her home studio. She likes sketching while watching old sci fi movies, cryptozoology, collecting gas masks and hoarding art materials, some of which she has had since she was 5.


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