…or something. Just finished another sculpture! ‘Flying Fish’

The body and wing were carved from balsa foam, the armour is sheets of rubber painted in a bronze paint and treated with oxidising medium to give it a weathered look. The tail is plastic strips,and there are all kinds of other attachments…painted feathers in pieces of bronze tubing, cogs, rivets and rigging, chain and doo-dads. Here come a bunch of shots from other angles:

I made the teeth from 2 part resin though I made way more than I needed for this piece so I now have a handy box of spare teeth.

It’s not meant to any kind of fish in particular though the face ended up quite barracudey. Must have been inspired when I saw one while diving recently.

The underbelly.

A couple of shots to show the scale of it…it’s about 38cms long.

I don’t think any of these pics show it, but I have painted some iridescent sea green on the fish scales, you can see it in certain lights.

It took many hours, but I think it’s my biggest and most ambitious yet.


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  • Awesome!!! I bumped into your folks at the supermarket the other week and was saying how cool it is that you have rediscovered your talent for art (after your sucky school experience!) and doing what you love for a living. Go you! xx

      • Kaitlin
      • May 15, 2012

      Cool! I think mum said she saw you. Hope you guys are well 🙂

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