I wanted to share a few pics of the wall piece I did as part of the install for my Reanimation show.

I did it with marker pens and my airbrush with few acetate stencils, here it is finished up:


Very early marker beginnings:


I masked off the heart and sprayed that. Stupidly I forgot to bring my wider airbrush needle so I did it all with a fine point. Took so much longer!

I cut some splat stencils out of acetate to look like my usual ink splats.


I added the detail lines with a thinner marker pen. The circle stencils were created using a pizza oven tray thing I got at KMart.


All together it’s as tall as me. Floor detritus:


It will be painted over as soon as the show’s done but it was so much fun to try and create a large scale version of my usually tiny paper/canvas works!

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