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VS Wrap Up

Thanks so much to those who came down to Artboy Gallery on the 14th for Vs with Matthew Dunn. It was a great night with several very impressive animal impersonations, an analysis of blade runner and cheese popcorn. And a sneaky (vego) burger on the way home. Aaaaand I got to see Miss Bec Winnel’s solo show just down the road. It’s not so scary south of the river after all.
Here are some pics from the night:

Photo by Amy Lobb.

Photo by Invurt.

The underwater battle wall:

Photo by Amy Lobb.

The Japan battle wall:

Photo by Invurt.

Some tiny character studies we pegged up:

Photo by Amy Lobb.

One of our map installations with the coloured flags I so painstakingly made one night:

Photo by Amy Lobb.

There are still some works available from the gallery here.


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